A Day In The Life Of The Calico Ladies

I caught up with Rebecca Jenner and her crew of lady painters this week, who between them are redecorating apartments, homes and gate houses across Milford, Lymington and beyond.

How varied can decorating really be?
Rebecca: “We get asked to paint all sorts! One week we’ll be hand painting kitchen units, the next painting the front door of a 17th century building, the next a gatehouse on the Beaulieu river! I love it, it’s so varied.”
We even get calls from homeowners living away with a local holiday let or second home that needs decorating.

How do you decorate someone’s home when the owners live miles away?
Trina: “Easy, once we’ve agreed colours, we simply go in and photograph every room to pinpoint every piece of furniture and ornament. We then remove everything, so it’s ready for painting. Once finished, we refer to the photographs so we can put everything back in its rightful place. The owner gets a holiday apartment (or second home) beautifully decorated, ready to use, without any of the hassle.”

A team of lady decorators is unusual, isn’t it?
Jenny: “It’s great, we’re all OCD about detail! Perfect in our line of work, it’s why clients recommend us.”

Do you do any other types of decorating, besides painting?
Rebecca: “We’re often asked to treat wooden surfaces; doors, frames, floors etc. We have a selection of handheld electric sanders which we use every day attached to our dust extractors, which means the clients house remains virtually dust free at all times. If clients get stuck with colours, we’re happy to make recommendations. We see so many finished rooms and have a pretty good idea what works in what type of house, with available light and to suit client’s taste, for example we recently suggested a combination of French Greys and Bone China Blue to lighten a dull and dreary hallway, stairs and landing.

The finished effect was stunning. We also suggested using the handheld floor sander which gave a beachy effect which the client loved.”

To find out more contact Rebecca and her team call on 07973 445 661