Polished Plastering

Calico are a team of dedicated specialist decorators with a passion for venetian plaster, creating stunning finishes & effects to complete your interior design.

This time honoured technique is used to create classic & contemporary finishes along with amazing embossed or relief images. Venetian Plaster finishes have an incredible ability to reflect or absorb light giving an unmatched feel to the space.

From a small art tablet to a complete project Calico provide a service to exceed your expectations.

What We Do

  • Metallic
  • Marmarino Stone
  • Lucidato
  • Marmorino Classic
  • Marmorino Pitted
  • Marmorino Stucco

Frequently asked Questions

What is polished plaster?

Polished plaster is an extremely fine lime putty, mixed with marble dust, pigments and other natural ingredients.

Where can Polished plaster be used?

Polished Plaster is suitable for many surfaces, walls and ceilings. It be used in a bathroom and even inside the shower cubicle.Surfaces with a high traffic or water contact are coated in hard wearing water repellent wax.

What surfaces can Polished Plaster be applied to?

Polished Plaster needs a sound, clean surface all walls need to be free from wallpaper and in a sound condition.

How many Polished Plaster colours can I choose from?

We can mix virtually any colour to work within your palette.

Can you design or stencil with Polished Plaster?

Yes, your imagination is your only limit with Polished Plaster, set in relief or embossed, logos look stunning.